Jessica Stern

Articles in Referred Journals

“Radicalization to Extremism and Mobilization to Violent Extremism,” in Richard Clarke, Rand Beers, Emilian Papadopoulos, and Paul Salem, eds., The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science,November 2016, 102-117.

With Heidi Ellis et al, “Relation of Psychosocial Factors to Diverse Behaviors and Attitudes Among Somali Refugees,”American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 2015.

“Response to Marc Sageman’s ‘The Stagnation in Terrorism Research,’” Terrorism and Political Violence, 2014.

“X: A Case Study of a Swedish Neo-Nazi and His Reintegration into Swedish Society,”  Behavioral Science and the Law, Spring 2014.

“PTSD: Policy Issues,” Psychoanalytic Psychology, Spring 2014.

Co-Editor with Gary LaFree of Homeland Security and Terrorismand author of editorial conclusion, “Strengths and Limits of Criminological Research on Terrorism,” 661-665; Special issue of Criminology and Public Policy, August 2009.

“The Dangers and Demands of Cosmopolitan Law,” 116 Yale L.J. Pocket Part 322 (2007).

“Precaution Against Terrorism,” with Jonathan Wiener, Journal of Risk Research(June 2006): 393-447.

“Fearing Evil,”Social ResearchVol. 71, Number 3, (Fall 2004).

“Dreaded Risks and the Control of Biological Weapons,” International Security(Winter 2003).

“The Prospects for Domestic Bioterror,” Emerging Infectious Diseases(July-August, 1999).

“Apocalypse Never, Poison Possible,” Survival(Winter 1999).

“Weapons of Mass Impact,” Politics and the Life Sciences, 1996.

“U.S. Assistance Programs for Improving MPC&A in the Former Soviet Union,” Nonproliferation ReviewWinter, 1996.  Also published as “Cooperative Activities to Improve Material Protection, Control, and Accountability in the Former Soviet Union,” in Bill Potter and John Shields, The Nunn-Lugar Program: Donor and Recipient Country Perspectives(MIT Press, 1997.)

“Cooperative Security and the CWC: A Comparison of the Chemical and Nuclear Weapons Regimes,” Contemporary Security Policy, Fall 1994.

“Strategic Decision Making, Alliances, and the Chemical Weapons Convention,” Security Studies, Summer 1994.

“Chemical and Biological Weapons in the Third World,” (with Marie I. Chevrier), Boston College Third World Law JournalWinter 1991.

“Moscow Meltdown: Can Russia Survive?” International Security, Spring 1994.  Also published in Russian by Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

“The Case of Thiodiglycol,” review, Politics and the Life Sciences, August 1993.

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