Jessica Stern

Policy Articles

Obama and Terrorism: Like it or not, the War Goes On,” Foreign Affairs September/October 2015.

An Amended Front Page Rule: The Imperative to Protect Institutions,” Defining Ideas, Hoover Institution, January 29, 2014.

The War Against Terror Must be Fought with Words Too,” Time Magazine, December 16, 2013.

We Need to Worry About Somali Terrorists,” Time Magazine, September 26, 2013.

With John Horgan, “Terrorism Research Has Not Stagnated,” Chronicle of Higher Education, May 2013.

Brief Interviews with Hideous Terrorists,” Foreign Policy, April 25, 2013.

Terrorism After the 2003 Invasion of Iraq,” with Megan McBride, March 19, 2013.  For “Costs of War” project of Brown University’s Watson Institute.

Can Google Make Non-Violence Cool?Defining Ideas, August 25, 2011.

Terror and Mortality,” Journal of Democracy, September 2011.

Muslims in America,” National Interest, May/June 2011, 38-46.

Mind Over Martyr,” Foreign Affairs, January 2010.

Holy Avengers,” Financial Times Weekend Magazine,12 June 2004.

Forum: Caliphate of Terror,”Harvard MagazineJuly-August 2004.

Al Qaeda: The Protean Enemy,” Foreign Affairs(July/August 2003).  Also published in James Hoge and Gideon Rose, editors, Understanding the War on Terror(Foreign Affairs books: 2005).

Preparing for a War on Terrorism,”Current History(November 2001).

Confronting Biological Terrorism,” Harvard International Review, Spring 2001.

Meeting with the Muj,”Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (January/February, 2001).

Pakistan’s Jihad Culture,”Foreign Affairs(November/December 2000).

Lethal Compounds: The New Chemical Weapons Ban,” Brookings Review, Summer 1994.

Will Terrorists Turn to Poison?Orbis, Summer 1993.

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